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How to take care of eyelashes after permanent eyelashes For beautiful long eyelashes Not easy to fall off
How to take care of the eyelashes after the permanent eyelash extensions that girls should know. Is there any way to help maintain the lashes that are long lasting? Do not fall easily, come see to care for the lashes that have been extended for a long time. Not easy to fall off For eyelash care

Tip: After the permanent eyelash extension, there is a way to leave every girl and see what methods are available.

1. Do not let lashes get wet within 24 hours.

2. Wash your face with normal temperature.

3. Avoid using cosmetics containing oil.

4. Do not use waterproof formula mascara.

5. Stop using the eyelash curler first.

6. Do not rub your eyes hard.

7. Brush the eyelashes to get a beautiful shape.

8. Use a satin pillowcase

9. Take care of eyelashes with serum.

10. Eat food to nourish lashes.


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