How to Take Care after Brow Tattoo by Seoul Cute Beauty Spa and Cafe

But not everyone can write beautiful eyebrows forever Eyebrow tattooing is like the solution to this problem. When choosing the eyebrows together Must take care of each other That after the eyebrows have to do?

1. Apply After Care Cream all over the area after the eyebrow tattoo, apply before bed every other day until 1 week to prevent bacteria, fungi, viruses, reduce inflammation and prevent ultraviolet radiation.

2. Avoid being hit by water. For at least 7 days to avoid the risk of infection And prevent color from peeling off with scab

3. Avoid strong sunlight. And ultra-violet rays for 3-5 days after tattooing, as it may cause inflammation and may fade

4. Avoid scratching, Because it may cause inflammation or cause bacterial infections Which will have more chance of scarring In addition, it may cause the peeling line and the color of the eyebrows. Will not be uniform, should let the flakes peel off themselves

5. Avoid sauna, stream, and exercise that are very powerful. And cause sweating To prevent the paint from peeling off with scabs

6. Avoid eating slang, such as eggs, seafood, alcohol of fermented for at least 7 days.

* Note: Always apply After Care Cream regularly for safe post-tattoo care. Better sterilization

Eyebrow by Seoulcute


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